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Have your plants, and EAT them too! 

Who We Are

Victory Gardens was born from seeds of curiosity and exploration in early 2020.

Iman Jones decided to express her love for all things natural through gardening. With a raw talent for woodwork and building, she crafted a raised garden bed and a few planters while researching and studying all the best horticultural techniques and the science behind them. Soon, friends called to ask for help starting their own gardens, requesting custom planters, and tips to get growing.

Today, Victory Gardens has built over 250 garden beds and helped more than 120 people in DFW, and a few across the borders, start their home gardens.

Iman earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington. Her team comprises an operations manager, scheduling coordinator, an assistant builder, and several volunteers who find pleasure digging in the dirt!

What We Do

We provide Pre-Planted gardens and the option of year round maintenance for those who don’t want to get dirty or are just learning to garden- As well as cedar garden beds for the DIY gardener who just isn’t a woodworker. 

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of gardening so that everyone can learn about food independence and grow fresh herbs, vegetables, and produce right outside their door. Our 100% natural approach to growing includes untreated, weather-resistant cedar wood, organic soil, and seedlings. 

Why it Matters

We are huge proponents of consuming delicious foods that nurture a healthy mind and body. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the downfalls of industrialized food supply and the absolute need for sustainability and food independence for every family. Victory Gardens provides a solution to the problems in food deserts like its birthplace Oak Cliff, Texas. We present a path for families everywhere, food desert or not, to ensure their access to healthy, fresh produce that fosters good health and immunity against disease. Combine that with the peace of mind and exercise that comes with gardening, and the need is undeniable.

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