Organic Lightweight Potting Soil (2 cu ft bag)


A 2 cubic foot bag of the lightest and most nutritious mix on the market. This product is an excellent lightweight potting mix. Also perfect for green roof/rooftop garden applications with proper plant care.

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  • Great for pots, containers and applications where weight is a concern.
  • Contains compost, perlite and expanded shale. Organic and OMRI Listed: Comprised entirely of herbaceous materials, containing no manures. Weight: 20 pounds per cubic foot or 540 pounds per cubic yard.

For Containers and pots: Combine with compost and organic nutrients.                                                            For rooftops: Add 6-10 inches to the overall depth to provide sufficient volume to sustain plant life.Apply over lined rooftops, providing drip irrigation system. Yearly inspections of rooftop planting soils, watering systems and drainage areas ensures no additional actions are needed to successfully maintain and grow a green roof. Information provided by Texas Pure Products.


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