Organic Compost


A 1 cubic foot bag of Organic Compost. Naturally provides the nutrients that your garden needs to thrive. Contains no manures or persistent herbicides and is a nutrient-rich soil building amendment for successful gardening.

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  • Use Compost to establish healthy beds, build existing soil health and to feed growing plants for the long haul. Adding compost prevents runoff and erosion to establish healthy disease-resistant landscape and garden plantings.
  • Work in freely into all areas where planting is proposed. The water-holding capacity of the soil and the drought tolerance of plants will be enhanced remarkably.

Meets strict time and temperature requirements as set forth by the United States Composting Council (USCC) and OMRI. Texas Pure Compost is suited for all planting applications and is approved for use in the USDA Organics program. Approximately 40 pounds per cubic foot. Information provided by Texas Pure Products.


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